Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thunderbolts and lightening..very very frightening

Its raining for yet another day here in Venice, CA.  Today was one of those days that just wooshed by dispite my efforts to be less busy about things.
I did my usual routine of starbucks and cigarettes. I went to the dry cleaners, did laundry, vacuumed, made my bed. This was the first day all week simply because I did not intend to get out of it much this last week. I didn't have any interviews scheduled and therefore figured I would be no real use to the world at large.
I went out Thursday night and had a great time. Listened to music and so on. Today aside from house work I did not  do much else.  I had planned on writing most of the day. I was in the mood and full of fresh ideas.
Joseph and Sophia have been in their own worlds. I think Sophia is feeling better as her wound seems to be on the healing side of things but her skin seemed terribly dry and she seems to scoot around rather than slink like she use too. I don't know what to think. Is she sick?  She drinks water but does not eat. Its been exactly one week now.
Joseph on the other hand has been making up for his three day fast by eating every fish in sight.  Today he even ate one of the dead ones that was bobbing. It was quite large.
Sophia just watched with mild curiosity.  I promised myself i would fuss over them less. They don't really appreciate all the attention any more and it just makes me feel guilty that I may not be able to fix anything that is wrong with them. Cuts, bumps, etc..
They were in this condition when I got them. They should be fine but they may not be. Joseph seems to be his usual hardy self and I don't worry as much about him. Sophia on the other hand is quite iffy.
I need to go get more fish tomorrow. I have been putting herbs in their water. They are herbs and spices created to boost reptile immune systems. Its the usual stuff they have for people. I made a bottle of it so all I have to do is add a capful to their drinking water then just fill the dish every other day.
If there is anything not right healthwise this should help them.  I took out the thermometer as well because it was for a fish tank and I thought perhaps there was mercury in it that could be making them sick.
Its been a couple of days though and I don't see any difference in their behavior.  They have quit cuddling and have been much more apart than together. This sort of surprises me too.
I did have another visit from old friends from out of town. It was good to see them. I still am not quite sure what's going on but up north is very different from down south in California.
 It is still raining..I am getting sleepy..

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