Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Coping with nature

Sophia died Friday January 21, 2005
at approximately 3:25pm

I am still coping with the loss though its getting better. I wanted to make a difference in this life. I hope that if I could not be a miracle worker of the body that I did at least make the time together memorable and full of love and joy.

Life is a complex explaination. One that is difficult to grasp and even more difficult explain with words. Clear visions do if nothing else impart hope for the attainment of furture goals.

As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

I do not morn for a shell I do not wep for a body that has been abandoned but rather I embrace the soul that is free of its ill suited housing and pray that it finds better shelter and greater breaths of wisdom with which to find greater truths.

Joseph was emotionally effected by the dwindling health of his roommate. He however was also gripped from grief with another call of nature. Shedding as I wrote earlier is a taxing transformation. When that is often unreported.

He has been eating quite well and though it seemed a little soon to shed again. He is growing and in so doing he must shed more frequently.

I like to see him grow.

I don't know why, maybe because it makes sense. That one should grow upon proper feeding and sheltering.

The evidence of abundence should manifest into yet another reward unto its bestowed graces.

Today is overcast but not raining. The world seems busy today. Everyone seems to be getting back to work.

Uninspired but back at it none-the-less.


I am giving up on my previous committment to the past.
I am letting go of all that I cannot control. I am moving on. Deeply moved and still moving.

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