Monday, January 10, 2005

Thunderbolts and lightening ..very very frightening

Galileo, Galileo..

It is still raining here in Los Angeles. It's driving me nuts on some level I am not familiar with. Life is pretty good though I like 2005. How about you?

I had an interview today. I think it went well.

I worked on my other blogs and started my adsense program officially pasting the required content etc.

Joseph and Sophia are laying low in this weather. Occaisionally the fish (guppies) I buy for them to eat are more exciting than they are. Still Serpentine Dramas and reptilian romances are compelling for what its worth. Much in the way that silent movies are and were.

For example the guppies I purchased yesterday made a game of jumping litterally about two and a half inches to get out of their dish and another two and half inches into the adjacent water dish which sits flat in the tank. This is like some sort of olympics.

Of course jumping out of the dish usually leads to one of three ends. One they land out of water and dry up and die. Two they land out of the water flap around and get eaten first. Three they land in the water dish and get eaten anyway.

Sophia has been hiding all day and still has not eaten. I promised myself to "let it go". I cannot do more than I have been. I put medicine on her cut. It does look better. I put vitamin spray on her skin. I put a special blend of herbs and things that promote reptile health in their drinking water.

Nature just has to take its course beyond that. I have second thoughts about this relationship some times. It will make me sad if she doesn't come around. She may though, I know so little about snakes as pets that I can only hope and enjoy them. Which I do.

They are real cuties. Joseph is the man of the tank. He keeps a watch on things and very much likes to know what is going on everyday. He wakes up befor I do sometimes and is already moving around and sniffing things out.

Snakes are really interesting animals.

They just like dogs with just the few obvious exceptions.

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