Sunday, July 11, 2004

Movies I have seen:
White Chicks
Fahrenheit 911
Spiderman 2

Current Reads:
The book of Absinthe by Phil Baker

misc..others i won't mention

What I am thinking:

Things are really crazy here in the States. I have been shocked and amazed throughout my life of the things people do, of the long term damage that this causes, but still after all these years, the shock does not seem to diminish.

A poem I found:

With flowers and with women
With absinthe and with flame
One can divert oneself a little
And play a role in some dramas

Absinthe drunk on a winter evening
Lights up in green the smoky soul
And flowers on the loved one
Give a heavy scent before the clear fire.

Then the kisses lose their charm
Having lasted a few seasons;
Banck and forth betrayals
Make us part one day without any tears.

We burn letters and Bouquets,
And the fire consumes our nest;
And if the sad life is spared
Absinthe and hiccups remain..

The portraits are eaten by flames..
The twitching fingers tremble..
We die from having slept too long
With flowers and with women.

I like this, I thought it was deep.

I was thinking about the times before the wars in the 1800's. I see that Europe then was like America now..
I see the hunger for something new..I see artists dying to legitimize their prose in desparate times of thoughtlessness.

I see that people struggle needlessly and that efforts that do the greatest good are the least rewarded in the obvious ways.

I feel a little disturbed by the turbulence of Democracies death here.
I wonder what will come of this unrest.

Violence seems never ending.

Still, no one sees the dangers in the deeds and seeds planting.

I have started listening to heavy metal again..

The trouble with sobriety and intoxication is that one always assumes itself in the others absences.

Sobriety conforts less hours as intoxication..
intoxication weakens the character as it defines no course of action as permanent or sin.

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