Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl Sunday

Although I am cheering for the panthers this has to be the most uneventful super bowl in a while.

The first touch down well into the 2nd quarter happened just now for the patriots.

The half time show is expected to be one of the best. The L word starts in 2 hours.

Perhaps I am just not focused enough. lol

Its not quite spring not quite winter weather and I am feeling restless. Did my spring cleaning ahead of schedule. I am looking forward to more good news though very little is happening presently to justify optimism. Mostly I am just tired of bad news and lagging current events.

The election does not inspire me as I think this war must go on regardless of who is in office. There is no way to avoid the situation we are in. Celebrities getting arrested is getting old too. Entertainers should stop forgetting that is what they are and that its their responsibility to keep us distracted from the chaos.

I think I will write a song about it. I am not taking myslef seriously today. I think I am too tired. I have been productive and getting a lot done for a change of suffering from set backs of the last few years. I came through. It was not easy but easy is something I am in a better position to appreciate. I think it is all I have energy for. she smiles and sighs.

I have another idea for a book. Hopefully this one stands a better chance of getting me an agent.

This would be a plus.

Anyway the published on line journal of my existance sings on.

Romantically I am lingering somewhere between wanting to be in a relationship to wanting to better appreciate my single status. The bottom line is that I want to be with someone that I can just love and be loved by. I want someone who doesn't freak me out. This is my wish. I just want a normal grown up non -co dependent relationship with good communication, laughter, and affection. At this the Panthers score their first touch down of the super bowl to even the score.

Good movies are coming out in the next few months and there will be award shows all month long. So hopefully if I am not progressing as a writer / publisher I am at least going to have something to other wise occupy my mind.

Work is good. It's a good company and a great product. I think that things could really turn around to being profitable again if allowed to try.

Chinese New Year officially brought in the Monkey. I am happy for the uplift. I think it will be good for me. I want good. I really do.

The idea of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in the same movies makes my heart race a little. They have to be the biggest male heart throbs in Hollywood. Good casting call. I will bring a change of panties for the movie! I think I would like to be in a Brad / Orlando sandwhich just once. .. .
Cheers for now!

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