Sunday, December 28, 2003


You can have a great work ethic and still get fired

Fungals are real and they are not fun

You can break up with someone but it does not mean they will leave you alone

Happiness has nothing to do with finishing your prescription for antidepressants

Love is often unrequited; knowing this does not make you an artist

Presentation and timing are everything if begging won't work

Changing the color of money does not make it more obtainable

If the current governor elect is not making you happy you can recall him

It took a lot of mistakes to get this far

My employer has never heard of IT

Automation has nothing to do with me working harder

Union Strikes do not stop people from shopping there

It's only a repair shop if they actually fix something

Most ailments can be remedied with the right vitamin

My biggest post millennium revelation is a new appreciation for the 80's

The best part of 2003 is that 2004 is looking pretty fine!


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