Monday, October 20, 2003

What I have learned..

"Well the heat is so great it plays tricks with eyes, turns the road into water, then from water into sky, there's a crack in the concrete floor and it stops at the sink. There is a bathroom at the gas station and I have locked myself in it to think."

Connecting in the mind reveals the truth of a souls torment and desperation. Can you hear the scream..

The pitch transcends scientific recognition of sound. Keeping me awake at night. All night. Like light moving fast through me again..What does it really mean. What's the fate of loving someone who won't stop screaming?

The mother in me? Perhaps..

Like a baby helplessly you need someone to comfort you? Who will comfort them then? It is an unknown.

Then I turn the page.

I am elsewhere.

Somewhere I would rather be.

There is love there. Laughter to and I think I would prefer to stay.

In the soft glowing light its goodness. You should want this for yourself i think it's a safer place for a mind like yours to be.

There is someone I love.

I think about it. I picture the first bite of an apple and the juice that drips to the chin from the corner of lips. I want to lick that juice and toss the apple to the floor just like that.

Its perfect.

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