Sunday, August 14, 2005

How Bob Dob Saved my Life

It was some time ago, I was at a party. The usual mix of fun and anxiety. When out of the blue someone whips out a card certify him as a minister in the church of the subgenius. On the reverse listed a series of acts he was authorized to perform.

I was enthralled. It totally sounded like something that made since and a statement all at once. When my birthday rolled around I received the kit for a gift.

I was now officially a minister/high priestess/sayer of the church of the subgenius. I started telling everyone about it. Many had already heard of this organization.

Some were merely intrigued.

As time goes by I still like to whip it out to non-believers to illustrate to them the depth of my being, the source of my strength, and the sanity the can be had by simply being in my presents.

If you are not a member of the church I recommend it. It will liberate you in ways that only the Great Bob Dob can.

As a member of the church you are free to sell things, accept donations, and of course cast out false profits.

If you have not lost your mind this will spare you, if you have this will glorify you, and if you are merely on the verge this will both further and redeem you.

Remember one thing - you heard it here first.

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