Thursday, July 31, 2003

Being a better writer

Sometimes I find the best thing a writer can do to illustrate talent is the willingness to reference the writing of others.

If it has already been said and been said well, it is in the best interest of the writer in mind to simply refer said audience in the right direction. Writers must read. I have likewise decided. In order to do one well you must invest in the other.

There was a time I prefered only to read then only to write. Now I know its a temperance of both. Or should I say a balance?

Anyway that having been said, I found a new quote that well completes a thought that has been lurking in the recesses of my consciousness.

Here it goes:

"Whereas love seeks its territory in the essence of sexuality, well-being marks its progress in the daily construction of moral duty. The latter ,which embodies the reality-seeking principle of sobriety, guides productive action and, in this instance, literatry creation."

Comments on Men and Women:

"Men are so crazy, they want the essence , the woman is the essence, there it is right in their hands but they rush off erecting big abstract constructions...They rush off and have big wars and consider women as prizes instead of human beings, well man I may be in the middle o all this shit but I certainly don't want any part of it.."

I could not have objectified these scenarios with greater clearity save for the difference in language used.

The writer lives to write again!

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